Amazing day

English Diary

This day is an amazing day. It is hot. A week ago some girls concerned they may be not allowed to dress in short in this summmer. But now, they find the hot weather hard to cope. However, I prefer it instead of the rainy.

I woke up at 5 o’clock. After washing, I went out and did my morning run and showered. I didn’t morning run for more than 5 years.

After breakfast, I dictated TPO listening for one hour and recited 140 words.

I also read two sections of one chapter of my professional book until ten.

Then I drove out.

This afternoon, I watched an open course about TPO speaking, then continued read the book, almost finish that chapter.

After my dinner, my friend and I picked one topic to do oral practice to each other.

And now, I’m writing my English article. While I have finished this, I’ll do a push-up exercise and plank exercise. And then I have finished all of my plans of this day.

So I call it an amazing day.