Don’t Take History as Nothing

English Diary

People might admire other people aroud him with a bit better than himself at some point, but have no sense to who are the best in the world.

Someone better than him told him something and he took them like the Bible. But he would never spend any time to read what who are the best in world had written.

Most of people know and adore Steve Jobs. But they might don’t have the same sense to people like Edison, Cai Lun, Watt.

Imagine that, If we were living in a world without paper and electric. Then someone invented these. How much admiration would you give to them? I believe that would not be less than how much you gave to Steve Jobs.

Just because before we borned. These already exists. So we may not have that feeling. But if you want to learn something, you must bring yourself to that situation. And let yourself to feel the moment, to feel how great that had been.

Then you will know, there are so much knowleges and examples of great successes in history, far more than a Steve Jobs story or someone who you know and better than you can bring to you. As long as you don’t take history as nothing.