The First Step is the Hardest Part of Any Journey

English Diary

I fancy myself to be a “Doer”. No, I am a “Doer” and I am going to be a better “Doer” that means I have to make things happen, instead of stopping at the “thoughts” point. I have kept a Chinese diary everyday for 2 years. The idea of writing English diaries first came out at the end of last year, and I did write it per day in the first week of this year.

I am not going to set a maybe achievable goal of writing an English diary a day. Because I’m a little busy these days and I am not going to beat myself up if I could not write it out some day.

I did not keep good hours in recent weeks. Maybe it’s the reason I feel some disturbed just like yesterday. Even So I have accomplished proper advance on my project. Then I cheer myself up by watching a movie named “Alice Through the Looking Glass” after dinner.

This entry is only the first step in to longterm English journey. Now I have a book to read, good evening.