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English Diary

I didn’t sleep last night. I was modifing the appearances of this blog. I put it a two column theme with a sidebar on left. Now it consists of three sections: It has a Home section where this entry is written. It has a About page which has two short sections on it “About me” and “About this site”. Finally I have the Projects page and I put many of my projects with links and short intros on it. I let the sidebar on left in dark, and let the main content on right in light. Then I put a logo of my photo on top of sidebar. Following that it’s the title of this blog. And then, it has a menu which has three links to three sections which I mentioned above. After that, It has several icons which was linked to my other webservices pages. Finally I put an archive list which has posts collapsed by month then collapsed by year. The right part is almost the theme ‘Twenty Fifteen’ as is. I only put an extra entry date and labels of tags under the titles.

There are many benefits for writing blog. The first of all you must take things of you writting seriously. So it would help you improving on that considerably. The videos blogs are more profitable than text-only blogs. Because the broadcasting of contents you produced would remain most cognition of yourself from audiences, which texts cannot have. So the people like Gu-A-Mo, Luo-Ji-Si-Wei, Papi-Jiang, including Zealer became famous more easier.

And there is another thing we must face. People like the contents of amusement more. That things do not need they pay much ‘cost’ which including energy spending, mental work or physical work. That things has much more audiences. The people as I mentioned above, Gu-A-Mo, Luo-Ji-Si-Wei, Papi-Jiang, Zealer, do produce that things.

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