Intelligent drone (ongoing)

Intelligent humanoid robot (ongoing)

Predict haze of Beijing (ongoing)

A research project with Peking University. 2016. Machine Learning


Recognise both speaker identity and speech content. May 2016. Python, Machine Learning

WeChat chatlog

This tool can export WeChat chat history to html files for archiving. Preserving appearances, audios, pictures. Apr 2016. Python


scheduler automatically schedule personal calendar using linear programming. Apr 2016. Python


wf-together-import-url is a Alfred 2 workflow for import current visiting webpage to Together as pdf. Mar 2016. AppleScript

weekly plan/ yearly plan

Automatically generating inDesign printing. Feb 2016. Javascript


Look up english words like use shell. Feb 2016. Python

Voice Controlled Manipulator arm

iOS + Raspberry Pi + Arduino + uArm. Nov 2015. Python/Swift

Backups Diff

Backups Diff is a tool to record and compare installed applications between itunes backups of iOS devices. Sep 2014. Swift, OS X


Today is a highly customised habits/todo/timing management iOS application. Separate items to ‘todos’ or ‘regulars’, and automatically recoding time from beginning to ending of items. May 2014. Objective C, iOS

24 points game

A full featured 24 points poke game. Also can calculate all answers for given cards. Best in the market and open source. Jun 2013. C++/MFC


csu-import-calendar helps students of Central South University importing their class information to calendar. (by generating ics files). Feb 2013. C++


Use your right click context menu everywhere to do everything. Dec 2012. C++/Win

slib 2

New version (almost rewritten) of slib. A gui library. Nov 2012. C++/DirectX/OpenGl


Calculate complicated expression, store calculation history. Oct 2012. Assembly


CSU-homeland is a SNS for Central South University students and teachers. Web server driven by C++. May 2012. C++


csu-lesson-chooser helps students of Central South University contesting signing up their favourites lessons and classes. Apr 2012. C++


Android control/connect PC. Inspired in classroom (helping teachers control slideshows off the table). Mar 2012. Java/C++/php


A gui lib like MFC, Qt, wxWidgets. Support render methods: GDI+/DirectX/OpenGL. Dec 2011. C++/DirectX/OpenGL


watcher is a tool for Central South University students to keep informed of announcements and news from official websites and other news websites. Nov 2011. C++/Qt
It has been rewritten to a much more powerful tool in 2016.


A ‘Due’ like app. Supports popping up a window, playing sounds, running commands/scripts, automatically add/remove another record. And triggered by much different rules. Oct 2011. C++/Qt

Zi-Jin Animation Packer

Automatically pack RPG images from exported files by RPGViewer. Jun 2011. C++/MFC

Happy Mod

A functional mod for PC game Mount&Blade Warband. Over 10,000+ downloads. Jan 2011. Python

Mount&Blade Savedata editor

A beautiful and handy editor of Mount&Blade. Over 100,000+ downloads. Jan 2011. C++/Direct X


codepad is a very simple to use IDE for C/C++. It has modern outlook and usage, but dropped the unwanted and unneeded things for little projects. Run codes without creating workspaces, projects, not even save. Just type and run. This project has been rewritten several times. The first time it was written by C++/CLI, then C++/MFC, the last time was C++/wxWidgets. Since Oct 2010.


A keylogger is a tool automatically recording all keyboard inputs in silence under Windows. Sep 2010. C++

Love beyond time

A tiny AVG flash game. July 2010. ActionScript/Flash

Underworld warlord

A helper tool for calculating the time spending and simulating combat loss for famous web game warlord. Jun 2008. Visual Basic

The legend of hyperspace

A tiny PC game about classmates and playing between classmates. It’s powered by RPG Maker. Dec 2005. Ruby/RPG Maker

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