Riyueming Zhang vs. Zhang Riyueming

English Diary

In the past, I have given myself some English names.

The first one, ‘Dragon’. It’s in my fifth year of my primary school. I enrolled an out-school english lecture. And the teacher has given me a name – ‘David’. I didn’t like it at all. The first thing after I came home was looking up the English word of 龍, and it was ‘Dragon’. So the second day I told my teacher that I wanted this name.

In my high school, I prefered the name ‘Peter Chang’. After that, I created an onomatopoeia word of my Chinese name – ‘Evamin’.

When it was my sophomore year, I created another code – ‘sowicm’. And it could be registered anywhere without conflict. And I filled profiles with ‘Sowicm Right’. So I became the ‘Mr. Right’. : )

The last one I used was ‘Tony Zhang’. But when I was doing some serious researches, I figured out that I can only use ‘Riyueming Zhang’ or ‘Zhang Riyueming’ as the name. It’s my legal English name, for now. And I know I don’t have to pick another extra English name instead of this.

But ‘Riyueming Zhang’ and ‘Zhang Riyueming’, which one is more proper?

In the past, my answer would be the first, ‘Riyueming Zhang’. But this time, I did a lot of research on this.

Most of Chinese professors I known chose the first form: ‘Given name, Family name’. But what is not the same as the past is that Chinese culture being popular now. And anyone have been with Chinese people or have basic knowledge of Chinese culture should know that Chinese name is in the form ‘Family name, Given name’. So, using that should be totally ok. And it keeps consistent with pronunciation from Chinese.

And the key factor in fact, is that when western presses publish reports about Xi Jinping they are using ‘Xi Jinping’ instead of ‘Jinping Xi’. So I decided to follow the leadership of our national leader. : )