Skills I learned:


Analysis electroencephalography and programming with EEGLab


Machine Learning


Building knowledge engineering with CLIPS

Programming router with OpenWRT

Riding horses

Creating Mac apps with Objective-C, Swift

Creating iOS apps with Objective-C, Swift


Negotiation to win customers

Setting up a company

Using Mac OS X as main operating system

Building dynamic website with Rails on Ruby


Programming with wxWidgets

Programming with Qt

Using linux as main operating system


Database admin

Building dynamic website with C++

Creating android apps

Decompiling binary executable files

Programming for microcontrollers

Assembly language

Senior High school:

3D Programming with Direct X

Making game data editors

Making game mods

programming with MFC

Insisting voice from heart from pressure from teachers, friends, parents then earned respect from them

Breaking through environment (more detail to be written later, you could ask)


Making a magazine with InDesign

Editing videos

Crossing the GFW in China

Server admin

Modifying plugins, themes of WordPress

Building dynamic site with php

Defence from who acts positive but shadows inside heart

Setting up a self-hosted blog

Building dynamic site with

Programming with C++

Acquiring conditions by self (more detail to be written later, you could ask)

Junior high school:

Earning money by offering technical support of Flash to others

Earning money by making Flash

Programming with ActionScript

programming with C#

Programming with Visual Basic

Programming with Excel

Setting up a sitcom

Hosting a lunch

Decompiling Flash

Making games with RPG Maker and Ruby

Primary school:

Mouse painting (poor)

Playing guitar (already forget)

Building static website (html, css, javascript)

Making Flash animations


Editing photos

Modifying BIOS

Reinstall operating system : )