Three photos on my wall

English Diary

I put three photos on my wall first time in my life.

Here are these photos:
Why would I select these?

The first photo is of Gandhi. He was a such person who lead a revolution and changed the world with his thick body.
The second photo is of Einstein. He fought for his research conclusions. But in this photo, he didn’t look at the front. It make me think, by now, people who has successes in academic would not give me a look.
The third photo is of Jobs. Everyone knows what he did. But why I select this photo of him? Because it’s before he had his complete success. And he was handing his first Macintosh and look at front. It seems like he is asking me: when will your first robotic come out?
So, all of these photos has their very meaning for me. I put these on wall to remind myself.